Sales: Terms and Conditions

Please refer to Bylaws and Rules and Regulations of the Dakota 50/50 Horse Sale, Futurity & Maturity


  • Only horses which are registered with a breed association shall be consigned to the Dakota 50/50 Sale.
  • Weanling foals consigned must be registered in member’s name, or that of immediate family member, and original papers must be present for foal to sell.
  • In the event of an NSF check, the foal will be returned to the consignor. The foal may retain its eligibility in the Dakota 50/50 Futurity and Maturity by payment from the original consigner to the Dakota 50/50 in the amount equaling 50% of the sale price of the colt or 50% of the average sale price of colts consigned to that respective sale, whichever is less.
  • Foals may be substituted up until the sale day as long as there is information provided to the 50/50 for an original foal by the nomination deadline.
  • All horses selling in the sale should be fit to the best of their potential. They should be healthy horses, exhibiting high body scores, and have a good hair coat.
  • All positions will be drawn by a committee and horses will sell in catalog order, with the exception of the Wild Card.
  1. Consignment/Catalog Fee: $75 per horse (limited to 2 weanlings) payable to Dakota 50/50.
    Deadline:  Consignments and fees must be received by 8/28/2017, or be subject to a $200 late fee.
  2. Original Registration papers and signed transfer form required on sale day.
  3. Negative Coggins test: This is to assure that the horse meets Canadian Import and American Interstate Transportation requirements as well as to cross state lines. All horses admitted to a state owned property must also have a negative Coggins test within last 12 months. The NDSU Equine Center is a state owned entity. Please make sure that the Coggins report is individual for each horse.  Multiple reports will not be accepted.
  4. Health Certificate required for all horses coming from outside of N.D., per N.D. import requirements. Effective May 24, 2011, per the State of N.D. a certificate of veterinary inspection is required for all equines entering North Dakota for any length of time. There will no longer be an exemption for equines entering temporarily for less than 7 days.

ENTRY DEADLINE:  Monday, August 28, 2017.
A $200 late fee will be assessed for all late consignments.