General Information

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Dakota 50/50 Horse Sale and Futurity to promote quality performance horses that are good moving, good minded, athletic individuals, that have the capability to work and will look good when engaged in activities, while maintaining at all times the horses physical and mental potential.

It is further the purpose of the Dakota 50/50 Horse Sale and Futurity to provide an event that is enjoyable to spectators and will be beneficial to and promotional of the horse industry as a whole.

Terms and Conditions

  • All horses selling in the sale should be fit to the best of their potential. They should be healthy horses, exhibiting high body scores, and have a good hair coat.
  • Terms of the sale are cash or personal check (US Funds). Registration papers will not be released until checks clear.
  • Buyer is responsible for transfer fee, relative to breed association.
  • All announcements on the block on sale day take precedence over all printed material.
  • All colts will have a negative Coggins and health certificate.
  • All colts will be brand inspected before leaving the sale barn.
  • Risk of loss will be passed to buyer when the animal is announced sold.
  • Horses re-sold after the sale will retain eligibility for the Dakota 50/50 Futurity. Money won in the futurity will be presented to the current owner as stated on the registration certificate on futurity date.
  • Selling positions are to be drawn by sale management. Horses sell in catalog order with the exception of the Wild Card.

Handling of a Bad Check

The Dakota 50/50 purse is based on a percentage of revenue of the Dakota 50/50 Sale. Therefore all announcements of the purse will be considered “unofficial” until all checks have cleared the bank. The official purse of the Dakota 50/50 will be a percentage of the total collected sales.

Any check that does not clear the bank on the first deposit will be resubmitted upon receipt. If the check does not clear on the second deposit, arrangements will be made to return the horse to the original consignor within 15 days at the expense of the buyer or face prosecution. This is to avoid any concern regarding condition of the colt. Payment will not be made to a consignor until the check for their respective colt clears the bank.

A $500 charge (the same as a grievance fee) will be assessed on all unsatisfied NSF checks. Therefore, a person who writes an unsatisfied NSF check to the 50/50 will need to remit $500 Money Order in order to be in good standing with the Dakota 50/50. Good standing is required to consign, purchase or participate in any Dakota 50/50 event.

Upon return of the colt to the original consignor, it may retain its eligibility in the Dakota 50/50 Futurity and Maturity by payment from the original consigner to the Dakota 50/50 in the amount equaling 50% of the sale price of the colt or 50% of the average sale price of colts consigned to that respective sale, whichever is less. That money will be distributed per norm, with 80% deposited to the purse and 20% to the general fund. No additional payment will be due the consignor.