Alkali Ranch

Phil and Myrna Adams RR1 DeloraineManitoba, CA ROM-OMO Phone: 204-747-3089 Email: Website: http://www.circleahorses.caFacebook: Alkali Ranch

Bar BS Ranch

Bill and Stephanie Bennis 12635 293rd Ave. Glenham, SD 57631 Phone: 701-721-0771 • Email: •

Becky Meinecke

4950 State 210 SWPillager, MN 56473 Phone (320) 295-9628 Email

Bryant Horse Ranch

Evelyn BryantHCR 2 St. John ND 58369Phone: 701-477-5516 • Email:

CD Ranch

Clayton & Darla Dammen7824 Hwy 17 Starkweather ND 58377Phone: 701-230-9695 or 701-230-2420 • Email:

Coates Performance Horses

Samantha Coates 9605 130th Ave SWScranton, ND 58653 Phone (701) 440-0415 Email Facebook: All This Bug AQHA Stallion; CS Arc Light

Bruce and Brenda Degenstein

3839 7th Ave NVoltaire, ND 58792 Phone 701-525-6780Email Website: Degenstein Quarter Horses

Fors Quarter Horses

Steve and Rhonda Fors10650 Main St.Cooperstown, ND 58425Phone: 701-797-3139Email: